Target Consulting

Gen Z is a champion of advocacy. See how we can help your  firm connect with the youth that decide the principles of tomorrow.

Research analysis

Forbes, Business Insider, and The New York Times say that Gen Z is the most influential age group in both politics and commerce.


Gen Z has an average attention span of 8 seconds. An innovative, presentable, and media-centered set of ideas is the key to getting your message across.


Target Consulting

Digital Footprinting:

All individuals leave traces of their interactions through data. But, Gen Zers do so at 3 times the frequency. Identifying the types and sources of data allow us to backtrack connections and social circles.

Social Web Creation:

We know how Gen Z communicates because we are Gen Z. Overlapping layers of digital evidence allow us to create unique webs of connections stratified by the purpose of interaction. By identifying social anchors, individuals who are most connected and link different webs, our team can ensure that our clients reach the greatest intended audience.


Brand Repositioning


Perception is everything, especially to Gen Zers who are more socially vocal and active than any other demographic. While many demographics seem divided, themes of opportunity, change, and foundation resonate with the Gen Z identity. Through tailored marketing campaigns and thought association mechanisms, Vyta provides a refreshing tone to a brand's core ideas. 


Data-Driven Decisions:


While outspoken presences may portray a homogenous demographic, many Gen Zers have neglected opinions. By harnessing digital footprints, Vyta listens to the information that Gen Zers are leaving behind, and wanting to be heard. In essence, our mission is always been to turn research into strategy. 


Research Analysis

Field Research:

Our field research is conducted through in person interactions. When Gen Zers know they're talking to someone real, they're more authentic and comfortable. Interviews and open-dialogues confer the most reliable information, especially on contentious topics. Experience shows that casual, yet honest, interactions provide the best profiles for individuals. 

Collective Networking:

Through student connections both domestically and internationally, our network reaches to many college campuses across the world. Understanding the cultural atmosphere of our generation is integral to communication. For our clients, this means a far wider reach than most advertising campaigns.

Interaction Framing:

Social interactions are the modus operandi of Gen Z. These connections start with living scenarios and similar interests, but branch out to Greek life and intramural sports. The recognizable patterns about how different connections confer different weights of influence gives us an essential edge in understanding who reaches out to whom.

Demographic Analysis:

Our specialty is market research. Whether that be gathering information on core demographics of social relationships, our essence is understanding how Gen Z interacts.



Image Awareness:

Positive subliminal association is the name of the game for individuals who are overloaded with content. Gen Zers don't know where to look for certain brands, but they can often be easily reminded from other items. We focus on value-alignment -- ensuring your brand is seen so that others can empathize and remember.

Brand Marketing:

Some of the ways to get the greatest amount of publicity are the least accounted for. We stray away from mass distribution and focus on key social events where your brand is the focus and the positive association is retained.

Digestable Content:

Gen Zers are very particular with their media and content consumption. Beyond word choice and less written material, there are innate preferences for design, tone, and visual images that draw young people' eyes. As part of content distribution, we merge creativity and underlying meaning to curate messages that draw attention to brands.